Is there an in-person skills test required to receive my certification?

You do not have to complete an in-person skills test to complete any of our continuing education courses. When the team of leading medical educators at ACLS Medical Training were creating our curriculum, they decided requiring a hands-on skills test on a mannequin every two years doesn’t add value to a continuing education course for experienced medical professionals. These tactile experiences cannot be fully duplicated or mimicked in a skills test – they can only be truly learned through real life clinical training. Therefore, we do not require a “hands-on” skills test for our continuing education courses. Instead, you must demonstrate that you have mastered the didactic material by passing the certification exam.

Before taking an ACLS or PALS course, you should first have a solid foundation of Basic Life Support (BLS), including hands-on training. Our distance education courses do not replace initial hands-on classroom education or clinical training. If you are learning this material for the first time, it is extremely important you use our curriculum only to supplement your existing educational program.